So remember my first post: my almost failed cheesecake? yeah that one. Well today, comes another not completely but classifies as a failure. This is due to two reasons:

two things i have to admit:

1.I have never made macarons before

2.I missed a step in this recipe which because of, the macaroons did not want to unstick from the greasing paper

I have never realised how easy it is to make macarons, for some reason they have always seemed to be hard for me. 

What triggered this want to make macarons today you might ask? 

Well, a few weeks ago, there were these delicious light macarons at home and they were so good. I couldn’t get them out of my head. Since they finished ever so fast, I realised it was time for me to enter the macaron world and make them no matter how hard they are to make to me.

Anyway here are some pictures.

I apologise for this not so positive post, but i just want to highlight the importance of: practise makes perfect. I will continue to learn how to make macarons until i get the perfect recipe and post on the blog just for you guys! 🙂

I don’t know whether this happens with other people but when i cook and it doesn’t come out right I accept it and i am so willing to find out what went wrong and how to improve myself. Why can’t i be like this when I come to school work. Does this happen to you too? Leave a comment below if it does! 

– The Cake Architect 🙂

 DSCN1286 DSCN1287


7 thoughts on “Macaroons

  1. Well you just read my post about finally getting a recipe right, after failing the first time! So yes, it dose happen to me to. I think to many people look at failure as the end. Its not meant to be. With out failure we never truly learn anything. It also makes that moment of success all the sweeter.

    I have never had a macaroon before…but I see people blog about them a lot, every now and then. They look interesting. I will look forward to your future success.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! It made my day! 🙂
      I definitely agree that failure does make success all the more sweeter, its amazing that when you love something such as baking, failure is not seen as an obstacle but rather a step towards success.
      As for macaroons, you have to try them! They’re delicious, especially those that melt on your mouth! 🙂 x

      1. I will definitely try macaroons someday. Don’t know if I have the courage to try making them my self with out having eaten one made the right way yet. But If I don’t come across some in the next few months I might just have to try my hand at it.

        You are so welcome for the comment. I know I love getting them as well. Views are okay, but I love to know that someone really took interest in a post. Or found it helpful in someway.

  2. I am definitely going to try to bake them soon, but I´ll probably But practice enough and you´ll get it in the end! 🙂 good job, keep bakin 😉

  3. I just tried making macaroons 2 days ago. I was reminded of a guy I used to work with. He made about 20 attempts in 3 days and didn’t get it right a single time. He didn’t give up and nowadays posts photos of himself with loads of beautiful macaroons. I am sure yours will turn out great too! Maybe you can try using different merengues? And how about your oven temperature? Good luck!

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