On Saturday I made this bread.

I was attempting to make bread for the first time after watching the last episode of #GBBO (The Great British Bake-off). It was Advanced Dough week! I immediately had to bake something after watching it!


This show has quickly become one of my favourite baking shows!

Why? Its only about baking.

baking. baking. baking! 🙂

I incredibly love baking (check out my blog name :p) – not cooking – i dont particularly like cooking.

Dont ask me why.

Okay i’ll tell you. Every time i have tried to cook, the food lacks flavour. I have tried to make a sort of rice with sweetcorn (inspired by my best friend’s fab lunch) and even aglio olio – a wonderful basil pasta. I know I just need a little bit of practice and then I’ll be just fine.



Alright back to this bread.

As i was saying this was the first time that i was making bread and instantly while the bread was proving i was thinking of ways to spice this little bread up. I couldnt accept that i was only making a plain old loaf. This is the kind of effect that GBBO has on me! Hahaha.

As usual, i went straight to cinnamon. Im obsessed with this delicious spice.



Anyway im working on improving this first recipe and the recipe should be up on the blog within a couple of weeks!

Hope you enjoyed this post since it is a little different to my others

– The Cake Architect 🙂



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