I apologise so much for the lack of posts, but i was caught up with so much school work and exams that i simply did not have the time to post. Now that i have some free time, i will try and post more often. 


This is my favourite dessert ever. full stop. 

There is not better dessert than trifle. As the name suggests it is a three layered cake full of yummy goodness , sponge cake, jelly and custard which i topped with some wonderful wondrous whipped cream! See the alliteration there? haha:)


Unfortunately the pictures are not exactly what I was looking for, since there was only a little bit of trifle left when i could finally take the pictures properly. So i apologise for the unaesthetic-looking images. Next time that i make trifle i will try to place some prettier pictures. 

Enough of this negativity and back to this incredibly scrumptious dessert. 

The bottom layer is simply a layer of jelly which i made using the store bought packet. So that is very simple. 


As for the sponge cake, I used the recipe from here.

And lastly for the custard, I bought some custard powder and followed the recipe of the box.


As you can see, this is basically the easiest recipe that exists and tastes so amazing. I hope you give this a try and let me know in the comments.

Leave a comment if you absolutely love Trifle as much as i do!


– The Cake Architect 🙂


2 thoughts on “Trifle

  1. Ouuuuuh I do love the old trifle! My mother definite makes the best (might be just a teeny bit biased here). I’ll have to find a way to make a vegan version – don’t think I can live forever without it 🙂

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