Chocolate Swiss Roll Ice-Cream Surprise Cake

a.k.a Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake


Happy 2015!

I hope everyone has had an amazing 2014  and hope that 2015 will be an amazing year for us all 🙂

As for New Year Resolutions, I can’t be bothered to make resolutions. This is because I know in literally 5 minutes after making the resolutions I will go back to my old habits!

Leave a comment down below if this happens to you too! 🙂

DSCN1988Now on to the cakee!!

This swiss roll recipe is sooooo amazingly delicious that I could have eaten the whole thing as soon as it came out of the oven!

Of course, I as usual the clumsy one messed up the recipe (again!) and had to start all over again. But this cake was worth it, trust me 😉

I got inspired for this recipe from the TV Show BakingMadeEasy. It was so different and I love cutting into a cake and having a surprise every once in a while.

Excuse me for the unaesthetic images of the cake. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to place the swiss roll already in the bowl when it was not set. 😦

Also forgive me for not posting photos of inside the cake. The ice cream was melting due to the heat here, so when making the cake be sure to quickly serve it up! 🙂


  1. The recipe for the swiss roll comes from here:
  2. As for the whipped cream, I simply whipped half a bottle of cream using a stand-mixer.
  3. Next place the whipped cream on to the sheet cake and roll into a swiss roll
  4. Cut the swiss roll into individual rolls and place in a bowl until all the sides of the bowl is covered with swiss rolls**
  5. Fill the bowl with icecream of your choice (I chose Chocolate to match the theme of the chocolate swiss roll)
  6. Let it set in the freezer until serving time
  7. At this point, tip the bowl upside down to reveal a solid round cake underneath.

Tips when making this recipe:

Instead of using ‘Cake Flour’ since I did not have any, I used regular all-purpose flour. According to me this did not alter the taste of the chocolate cake.

Instead of cutting the swiss roll immediately put it directly in the freezer and let it to set for a good half-hour  until it has solidified its shape. Then cut into little rolls and place in the bowl which will hold the dessert. As a result, the cake will have the shape of the swirls when you remove from the bowl (unlike mine oops!)**

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