One Year Blogging Anniversary


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported me throughout this blogging journey so far. Special thanks to  my family, my friends, my fellow bloggers and to all of those who have taken out of their time to like and comment on my posts and tell me what they think. 

I would also like to thank those of you who have nominated me for awards and everybody who has followed my blog, whether its from day 1 or day 365 each and every one of you are greatly appreciated. 😃

For my first post I originally planned to bake an incredible cheesecake recipe that I had prepared several times over the last few weeks. I was so excited to write my first post and it is during this excitement that my cheesecake – which although tastes quite delicious – “almost failed” as I said in my very first post. Yet I knew that blogging would be a journey, one with many ups and downs. You can have incredible baking moments and then the next time you bake you may feel disappointed. This is what keeps me going on today. I realised baking was my passion when no matter how many times I failed a recipe or baked something that was not what I was too particularly happy with, I would never give up on it.

My earliest memory for baking was when I was a little girl. I had borrowed a cookery book from school and together with my mum we made lovely fairy cupcakes. I was fascinated. Although all I could ever bake was cupcakes since then up till a few years ago, this particular memory stayed with me ever since. I knew that I wanted to practice baking and further develop my skills in this field and I knew blogging about it would help. 

My resolutions for this year is to try and blog more. Although I can’t promise everything with exams looming in the near future, I will attempt to do my best. 

Thanks for everything and lets hope this blogging year will be just as great as the last! 

Much Love,

The Cake Architect 🙂


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