Spring Roll Surprise


Hellooo! Do you remember me? Yep the cake architect is back! Finally after three absent months I’m back with a new post. I left my last post saying that I would be posting a lot more recipes yet I haven’t posted anything since then. I’m super sorry about that. Trust me I have so much school work right now that I just didn’t have any time. I really hope I am able to post more often even though I have exams right around the corner. I will try and post every two weeks now and hopefully improve as time goes along. Once again sorry for not posting in such a long time.

Enough negativity now let’s get onto a simple yet yummy recipe 🙂

Today I present to you Spring Roll Hershey’s and hope you guys enjoy!

I love mixing savoury with sweet and that inspired this recipe. The pastry is regular spring roll pastry and inside each spring roll are two Hershey’s cause one is just not enough! Also, having two Hershey’s really ensures that you get the delicious chocolatey-gooey-yummy-melting in your mouth taste. For all those chocolate lovers out there you know exactly what I’m talking about!

One bite into the Hershey Spring Roll ensures a crunch of pastry filled with chocolate. How amazing does that sound? It almost tastes like a crispy pancake with nutella if that makes some sense 😛It is super easy to make and you can store excess in the freezer and just fry them whenever you want a sweet snack 🙂

So without saying any thing further here is the recipe:

Ingredients: (makes 10 chocolate spring rolls)

  1. Spring Roll Pastry
  2. 20 Hershey’s Kisses
  3. A few teaspoons of flour and water


  1. Cut the spring roll pastry into two
  2. Prepare a flour and water paste in a separate bowl
  3. Add two hershey’s kisses to the pastry and roll as you would for a spring roll
  4. Smooth the paste on to the roll to ensure it that the chocolate will not fall out.
  5. Fry in vegetable oil until a golden crispy colour is shown.
  6. Remove to cool

Enjoy 🙂

– The Cake Architect

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