La Table Du Chateau

I cannot believe that it has been 3 months since my last post! I thought that since it is the beginning of the month I should get over my doubts and post this review. 

This post has been written and rewritten about 5 times already and has been stuck in my drafts folder for over 2 months. So here you go today, my first restaurant review.



Hello everybody,

This is the first post in my new series of Restaurant Reviews. I have always wanted to do a restaurant review since the beginning of this blog. I therefore have decided to dive right in.  I hope that these posts will give an insight into restaurants in Mauritius.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post and also let me know how I can improve, whether in terms of the structure or content. Also if you have any restaurant recommendations leave a comment below, I love trying new restaurants.

Alright, let the restaurant review begin.

La Table du Chateau is a small restaurant opening on to the gorgeous gardens of Chateau Labourdonnais. The restaurant is situated up North of the island in Mapou.


Entering the restaurant we were welcomed with a cold refreshing towel (perfect for that hot day!).

After ordering the food we were given bread baskets with some freshly baked bread loaves straight out from the oven which we gobbled up and was swiftly replaced by the staff.

The staff were very friendly catering to all our needs.

Main Course:

I ordered a “Grilled king prawns with garlic butter Asparagus risotto with Lobster coulis”. I was pleasantly surprised by the dish which was full of flavour. I do not usually like risotto but this Asparagus one was beautiful and not too soft.



We also had a “Bread fruit gratin and roasted Giant prawns Mesclum salad and Crustacean sauce”. The prawns were really soft creating a melted in your mouth sensation. I personally enjoyed the breadfruit gratin but it was not that great. Below is the image of the Giant prawns Mesclum salad and Crustacean sauce but sadly I cannot find an image of the breadfruit gratin.



I opted for a delicious crème brulée because its one of my favourite desserts and I had been craving it for such a long time. With that being said, crème brulée recipe is coming soon!

Overall the menu consisted of a few well selected desserts which all can enjoy.

Here is the “Crème Brulée à la vanille de Laboudonnais”:

I really enjoyed this dessert as it was tasty and fulfilled the criteria of the classic crème brulée dessert. The stick was not sweet enough on the other hand and I feel like it did not go with the Creme brulée


I do not remember the exact name for this dessert but it was a Banane Zenzli with Ice Cream in a Caramel sauce. I was not particularly a fan of this dessert although I enjoyed the sauce.

Blog6506 Blog6505

The Boutique:

Adjacent to the restaurant is The Boutique which I visited, how cute are these soaps!

Blog6424 Blog6427

Closing words

This was a great experience and a perfect getaway for a couple of hours. I definitely recommend  a visit to La Table Du Chateau if you are in the area.

The only complaint I have is the waiting time for the food as well as how relatively dark the restaurant was. Nevertheless we had a calm and refreshing lunch.


  1. The Chateau visit costs are separate to the restaurant.
  2. Reserve your table at the restaurant prior to arrival is recommended by the staff, although you may choose to walk in.


I would love for you to let me know what you think. Have you been to La Table Du Chateau? How was your experience?

– The Cake Architect

Two Years Old.

2 year anniversary

Happy Birthday The Cake Architect!

Today makes two years since I nervously posted my very first blog post. It was quite tense to launch my own blog but at the same time incredibly exciting and I could not wait to begin my blogging journey!

Up until now The Cake Architect has not been much of a priority for me but I am on the way to making it a better blog. Lately I have been suffering from writers block. I haven’t been able to sit down and write a blog post as I usually do nor have I had the energy or motivation for it.  In addition my perfectionist self has not wanted to post poor content.  If you follow The Cake Architect you may have realised that I haven’t posted much during February.

However as my 2 year anniversary was drawing nearer I felt a sudden urge to get back into writing.

In all honesty I love blogging! The rush of energy from baking and cooking, the constant urge to improve my food photography each and every time, setting my camera to so many different angles, taking 50 photos but selecting only 5 to post and finally the thrill of writing a post.

I feel that I suddenly develop moments of drive and focus to work on and improve my blog while other times I just slump and don’t feel like writing. How do I maintain those impulsive moments of motivation? Could it be that I’m not inspired enough?

Throughout 2015 I unfortunately couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to. School took most of my time, that last year was definitely intense. I had made grand plans for my blog after my one-year blogging anniversary but unfortunately I could not fulfil them because of this. Its okay though, lets make 2016 our year!

On a more positive side this past month I have been learning how to cook properly for the first time. I have been discovering new exciting recipes that I can make for university and getting excited for this new step in my life. I also recently designed my header and I’m pretty happy with the outcome right now. What do you think of it? In terms of the blog posts this year I would love to branch out and try new things. I absolutely loved writing this Pizza Cake post and certainly would love to do many more like that.

I have also discovered some incredible Mauritian blogs over these last two years who produce fantastic content. It’s great to see the number of Mauritian bloggers today!

Looking back over the last year I definitely want to focus more on my blog. Now that I have finished school I feel that I have the ability to accomplish my goals. As well as improving look and feel of the blog I also want to really enhance the content. While writing this post I decided to look at my one year anniversary post for some inspiration and found this:

I knew that blogging would be a journey, one with many ups and downs. You can have incredible baking moments and then the next time you bake you may feel disappointed……I realised baking was my passion when no matter how many times I failed a recipe or baked something that was not what I was too particularly happy with, I would never give up on it.”

Today I still stand by those words and can firmly say that my love for baking has certainly grown over the past year. I have learnt to appreciate the good baking days and learn from my mistakes on the difficult ones.

This post is just a Thank you to all those who like, comment and share my posts because the fact that you took your time to read and tell me what you think really means a lot to me. Thank you to those who have nominated me for blog awards, I really appreciate it. You also act as a real motivation to keep posting! 😉

I would love to hear how other bloggers deal with motivation and writer block! Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed this long post

Here’s to another year of blogging!

Much love,

Zahra, The Cake Architect




Pepperoni Pizza or Pizza Cake?!?

One of my favourite Youtube Channels is Yolanda Gampp’s How To Cake It. She makes the most realistic looking cakes ever! She has the funniest personality. Its always a joy to watch her videos. 

When I showed my best friend her channel, we decided it was only natural for us to try and recreate one of her cakes. 

It actually turned out much better than what we thought. 

I present to you our Pepperoni Pizza Cake a.k.a the sweetest looking pepperoni pizza you will ever eat.

Pizza Cake

We substituted a lot of her ingredients and instead intended to mimic Yolanda’s cake. Our lack of toppings meant that our pizza became pepperoni flavoured. And who does not like pepperoni pizza right?

Cake / Pizza Base

For the cake we used a basic vanilla cake recipe which I have been using since forever but you can also use my massepain recipeIt will work just as great.

Buttercream Icing / Tomato Sauce:

The buttercream recipe we used was this basic buttercream icing recipe which I have mentioned in a lot of previous posts. However as Yolanda used some jam we also mixed our buttercream with some strawberry jam to produce a tomato sauce resemblance. The berries in the jam looked like finely cut pieces of tomato. 

For some reason I could not find red food colouring and had to use this crimson pink instead. 

White Chocolate / Cheese

We grated white chocolate for the cheese all over the buttercream icing. It looked exactly like real mozzarella cheese!

Cake Decoration / Pepperoni 

For pepperoni we used guava slices which we purchased from Food Lovers Market in the sweets section. 


I used the Wilton marshmallow fondant recipeI had to use loads of icing sugar to get the correct consistency to put in the fridge over night. 

I have to admit I made a stupid mistake regarding the preparation of the fondant. I used pink marshmallows but didn’t realise that this would impact the colour of my overall fondant. That why the ‘pizza crust’ may look quite pinkish. 

Cooking torch / Making the Pizza Crust 

So I didn’t know how to use the cooking torch until after we made this cake, but I did try on a separate slice and it was a success! The fondant soon resembled a pizza crust. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos though 😦

These were all the steps taken to produce this cake. What do you think of it?

Here is the link to the original video by Yolanda Gampp:

Do you like posts like these? 

If so leave a comment below telling me your opinion cause I absolutely loved making this cake and writing this post!

– The Cake Architect

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Spring Roll Surprise


Hellooo! Do you remember me? Yep the cake architect is back! Finally after three absent months I’m back with a new post. I left my last post saying that I would be posting a lot more recipes yet I haven’t posted anything since then. I’m super sorry about that. Trust me I have so much school work right now that I just didn’t have any time. I really hope I am able to post more often even though I have exams right around the corner. I will try and post every two weeks now and hopefully improve as time goes along. Once again sorry for not posting in such a long time.

Enough negativity now let’s get onto a simple yet yummy recipe 🙂

Today I present to you Spring Roll Hershey’s and hope you guys enjoy!

I love mixing savoury with sweet and that inspired this recipe. The pastry is regular spring roll pastry and inside each spring roll are two Hershey’s cause one is just not enough! Also, having two Hershey’s really ensures that you get the delicious chocolatey-gooey-yummy-melting in your mouth taste. For all those chocolate lovers out there you know exactly what I’m talking about!

One bite into the Hershey Spring Roll ensures a crunch of pastry filled with chocolate. How amazing does that sound? It almost tastes like a crispy pancake with nutella if that makes some sense 😛It is super easy to make and you can store excess in the freezer and just fry them whenever you want a sweet snack 🙂

So without saying any thing further here is the recipe:

Ingredients: (makes 10 chocolate spring rolls)

  1. Spring Roll Pastry
  2. 20 Hershey’s Kisses
  3. A few teaspoons of flour and water


  1. Cut the spring roll pastry into two
  2. Prepare a flour and water paste in a separate bowl
  3. Add two hershey’s kisses to the pastry and roll as you would for a spring roll
  4. Smooth the paste on to the roll to ensure it that the chocolate will not fall out.
  5. Fry in vegetable oil until a golden crispy colour is shown.
  6. Remove to cool

Enjoy 🙂

– The Cake Architect

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One Year Blogging Anniversary


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported me throughout this blogging journey so far. Special thanks to  my family, my friends, my fellow bloggers and to all of those who have taken out of their time to like and comment on my posts and tell me what they think. 

I would also like to thank those of you who have nominated me for awards and everybody who has followed my blog, whether its from day 1 or day 365 each and every one of you are greatly appreciated. 😃

For my first post I originally planned to bake an incredible cheesecake recipe that I had prepared several times over the last few weeks. I was so excited to write my first post and it is during this excitement that my cheesecake – which although tastes quite delicious – “almost failed” as I said in my very first post. Yet I knew that blogging would be a journey, one with many ups and downs. You can have incredible baking moments and then the next time you bake you may feel disappointed. This is what keeps me going on today. I realised baking was my passion when no matter how many times I failed a recipe or baked something that was not what I was too particularly happy with, I would never give up on it.

My earliest memory for baking was when I was a little girl. I had borrowed a cookery book from school and together with my mum we made lovely fairy cupcakes. I was fascinated. Although all I could ever bake was cupcakes since then up till a few years ago, this particular memory stayed with me ever since. I knew that I wanted to practice baking and further develop my skills in this field and I knew blogging about it would help. 

My resolutions for this year is to try and blog more. Although I can’t promise everything with exams looming in the near future, I will attempt to do my best. 

Thanks for everything and lets hope this blogging year will be just as great as the last! 

Much Love,

The Cake Architect 🙂




On Saturday I made this bread.

I was attempting to make bread for the first time after watching the last episode of #GBBO (The Great British Bake-off). It was Advanced Dough week! I immediately had to bake something after watching it!


This show has quickly become one of my favourite baking shows!

Why? Its only about baking.

baking. baking. baking! 🙂

I incredibly love baking (check out my blog name :p) – not cooking – i dont particularly like cooking.

Dont ask me why.

Okay i’ll tell you. Every time i have tried to cook, the food lacks flavour. I have tried to make a sort of rice with sweetcorn (inspired by my best friend’s fab lunch) and even aglio olio – a wonderful basil pasta. I know I just need a little bit of practice and then I’ll be just fine.



Alright back to this bread.

As i was saying this was the first time that i was making bread and instantly while the bread was proving i was thinking of ways to spice this little bread up. I couldnt accept that i was only making a plain old loaf. This is the kind of effect that GBBO has on me! Hahaha.

As usual, i went straight to cinnamon. Im obsessed with this delicious spice.



Anyway im working on improving this first recipe and the recipe should be up on the blog within a couple of weeks!

Hope you enjoyed this post since it is a little different to my others

– The Cake Architect 🙂


Liebster Award!

I would like to thank Ema from food4yourmood for nominating for the Leibster Award! It was so unexpected thank you so much for the nomination! Everybody go check out her blog its amazing! She has great blog posts for any ocassion! 🙂

So basically I will answer the questions that Ema has written and follow with selecting my nominees and providing questions for them to answer! 🙂

Ema’s Questions

a. Which is the most unique dish you have ever had and where? 

A noodle dish in Malaysia, i forgot what it is called :p

b. Other than your niche, on what other topic would you like to blog around?

Beauty and Fashion

c. What will you do if you win a jackpot of $1 Million?

I would save it up and then probably go on a well deserved holiday 😉

d. How can you relate food, love and place altogether?

The place sets the atmosphere which determines your love for a place and the food. Food is the visual form of love.

e. If you are granted a wish to transform yourself into a celebrity who will it be?

Kendall Jenner

f. If you become invisible for a day, what would you like to do?

I don’t really know actually.

g. What are the points on the basis of which you criticize a write up?

Hmm.. i guess the structure and flow of ideas

h. Given a chance to change the name of potato and tomato what would you name them?

I wouldn’t change their names, too much of a hassle for me :p

i. All that glitters is not gold. Have you been in such a situation that compelled you to say this? Please elaborate.

Wow, this is probably the toughest question. No I haven’t ever been in a situation that i felt compelled to say this but i definitely will have this quote in mind whenever such a situation occurs 🙂

My Nominees (in no particular order)

  1.  heaven on a spoon
  2.  my simple delights
  3. the not so creative cook
  4.  sofinewasthemorning
  5.  my year of cupcakes
  6. cooking with a wallflower
  7. la petite paniere

My Questions:

  1. What are two of your favourite movies?
  2. if you could travel anywhere where would it be?
  3. What are your talents?
  4. What do you aspire to be in the next 10 years?
  5. Describe yourself in one word
  6. Has blogging changed your life? If yes how?
  7. What inspired you to start blogging?
  8. What is your favourite animal?
  9. If you had to choose one dish to cook for the rest of your life what would it be? Why?