Divino – Italian and Seafood Restaurant

A great late Sunday lunch at Divino - Italian and Seafood Restaurant. A couple of years ago I had been to the restaurant for the first time and really enjoyed the food there, so I thought this time I could make a restaurant review out of it. Atmosphere We arrived at the restaurant around 3 pm, … Continue reading Divino – Italian and Seafood Restaurant


Du Pain Frire with Chatini

Du Pain Frire is a popular street food snack in Mauritius and translates literally to “Fried Bread”. Essentially a crunchy fried bread in batter it is often dipped in a gorgeous chatini a.k.a a chutney consisting mainly of tomatoes, chilli and coriander leaves. It is enjoyed daily by hundreds of Mauritians and is sold along with … Continue reading Du Pain Frire with Chatini